Team building & Employee engagement

Team building, Employee Engagement

Team building activities are often a lot of fun, but do they really work?  Once your back in the office after the activity, are there any noticeable changes?  In order for a team-building activity to be effective, it needs to be choreographed around the specific challenges your team is facing; it needs to be adapted to your needs.

  • Your team has worked double-over time for the last while?  Stress is high?  Maybe they need a break?  Why not a team-building exercise focused on having a little fun.  An activity indoors or outdoors adapted to the skill, age and culture of your colleagues.  Whether it’s a fishing trip, where everyone participates in cooking the lunch or a treasure hunt, or even an arts-&-craft project, this is sure to be a winner!
  • Your team is having difficulties in communicating?  Maybe relations are strained? Is it because of different cultures or stereotypes? Is it because of a lack of trust? Is it affecting productivity or even retention?  Find out how your colleagues react naturally under stress, why and what you can do to better communicate with them, and what they can do to better communicate with you!
  • Your team is new?  You have just created a new team to manage a special project or you have just recruited new staff, and you want to make sure you get off on the right foot!  Ayni can propose a variety of solutions for your staff to get to know each other, particularly their communication styles and their values.  This is a great way to create trust and confidence amongst team players while developing a working environment that will guarantee results for your organization!

Whatever your challenges, Ayni will create a team-building activity, tailored to your specific needs and team members!

As a Value-Added Associate of TTI Success InsightsAyni can also suggest dozens of proven management tools in the form of powerful assessments that immediately contribute to workplace productivity and performance. You will see tangible, measurable results within a short time of implementation!  These research-based, problem-solving products provide you with a multitude of customizable solutions for staff selection, team building, coaching, and training.

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is about the employee's connection and commitment to your organization. According to 2012 Gallup study, engaged or motivated employees impact your bottom line in nine key areas, such as:

  • 37% lower absenteeism
  • 25% lower turnover
  • 48% fewer safety incidents
  • 22% higher productivity.

To make sure employees are performing at their peak, an organization can work on the following:

  • Make sure employees know the mission, vision and goals of the company, and how their work contributes to the success of the company;
  • Make sure there is a positive relationship between employees;
  • Make sure employees have a chance to use their skills and abilities in their work;
  • Make sure the relationship between employees and their supervisor is excellent!

Ayni Conceptions can help you determine your present employee engagement level, and develop a strategy to improve it.

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