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Recruiting is hard work and it costs a lot of money!  You have to consider the costs of marketing the position and the time invested in the recruiting process, plus the loss in productivity, during the absence of an employee and during the on-boarding phase!  Recruiting is not something you want to be doing every few months!!! To see the actual cost of turnover - check-out this Example - Cost of Turnover. To calculate how much it costs you, download this FREE Cost of Turnover_ExcelWorksheet or contact us.

Here's a few interesting tid-bits of information:

  • Only 14% of interviews are accurate, while 90% of companies use them as a determing factor (Michigan State Study)
  • Hire people who have the save values as you (Simon Sinek
  • Be brutally honest in regards to marketing - tell the truth to your prospecting candidates
  • To find out, how much you actually spend on recruitment, contact us!

Establishing your company as an employer of choice will require a sophisticated strategy and an excellent employer brand.  It requires using an awareness of changing workplace considerations from the employees' perspectives to formulate a value proposition to prospective employees that clearly answers the age-old question: 'What's in it for me?'  (Be assured, new research shows that it's not all about money!)

Once you have recruited your employee, you want to make sure that they not only stay with your company but that they excel at a superior level. Did you know...

  • US Businesses lose $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover (Bureau of National Affairs, USA) (stats not found for Canada)
  • Opportunities to use their skills and abilities (63%) ranks higher than compensation (60%) in regards to employee satisfaction
  • Disengaged employees would move to a new employer for as llittle as 5% pay increase whereas it would take a 20% pay increase to attract an engaged employee (Dale Carnegie)

AYNI Conceptions can help you build recruitment and retention strategies that will make sure you have the right person in the right position right from the start.  We will make sure that you are doing everything possible to encourage employee engagment.  

An initinial assessment of your actual tools and strategies will guide us as to what needs to be done, whether it's benchmarking, developing and promoting your employer brand, or establishing a recruitment, retention or engagement strategy.

'People are more important than ever to success. Their importance will only grow in the future.

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