Employee Development

Are you stuck?  In a rut?  Hate going to work?  Maybe you need to change jobs or even careers? Maybe relationships at work are strained?

Ayni Conceptions offers a personalized, tag-team approach to support you in acheiving the results you want.  Whether you are an employer looking to support your staff, or an employee or an entrepreneur, we can bring a team of people together with the right mix of expertise and skills to better serve you, without emptying your bank account!  We can help you with the following:

  1. Personal growth through self-discovery: helping individuals to better understand themselves
  2. Improve relationships through enhanced communication and understanding - learning to set boundaries and adapt to others more effectively
  3. Professional development by aligning individuals with their jobs - understanding how potential strenghths and weaknesses affect on-the-job performance.

One of the tools that we use are on-line assessments.  Ayni Conceptions is a Value-Added Associate of TTI Success Insights.  TTI is the world's leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools that enable organisations to effectively meet their human capital managements needs.  With a client base made up of Fortune 500 companies, its assessments and reports are at work in more than 90 countries and in 40 languages.  TTI is also a leader in cutting edge research on human behavior, communication, and workplace attitudes and performance.  

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'Ayni Conceptions was hired to assist us with improving communications in our office. Sylvie lead us through an exercise using TTI Insight's assessments where everyone gained an insight into their own communication style and through that, we learned how to adapt to others' communication style. Everyone was amazed at how accurate these assessments were and there were quite a few 'a-ha' moments where people understood why others were behaving a certain way. I would highly recommend it!' Lisa Dyer, Director, Environment, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories.


We propose to work one-on-one with you to determine your natural communication style, your motivators and your strenghts.  We can support you in developing and implementing a strategy for a career or job change or an action plan for a particular project.  

To determine if these assessments could work for you and/or your organization Contact us.  After a short discussion, AYNI will be in a position to recommend the best way to move forward. 

For references contact us or click here.

Behavioral Assessments

A review of an individual's experiences, references, education and training help to tell us WHAT they can do.  Behavioral assessements help to tell us HOW a person behaves and performs in the work environment.  You will find out

  • how you address problems and challenges,
  • how you handle situations involving people,
  • how you demonstrate pace and consistency, and
  • how you react to procedures and constraints.

Click here for a Sample Behaviors' Report, focusing solely on behaviors

Driving Forces Assessments

In addition to knowing what a person can do and how they behave doing it, it is possible to find out WHY they do it.  Knowing what drives a person to action is a valuable piece of information when trying to find the right fit between an organisation/job and a person:

  • do they seek knowledge and information?
  • do they seek to maximise time and resources?
  • do they seek balance and harmony?
  • do they seek to help people and causes?
  • do they seek to obtain ahthority and power?
  • do they seek a system of living?

Click here for Sample Driving Forces' Report, focusing solely on what drives you to action!

Personal Skills Assessments

These assessments seek to increase the understanding of an individual's talents and strengths as it relates to their skills or competencies.  This information can be used by individuals who are looking to take charge of their career development by learning more about skills that need to be developped as it pertains to a specific job or career choice.  The information can also be used by managers who are looking for tools in performance appraisals, or in recruiting for a job.

Click here for a Sample DNA Skills Report, focusing solely on the skills of an individuals.

The Complete Picture

There are also assessments that integrate behaviors and driving forces , which provide a very clear picture of an invididual's communication style.  Click here for a Sample Talent Insight Report.  

It is also possible to generate a reports that give an even more detailed picture of an individual's style, including, behaviors, driving forces, and skills.  Click here for a Sample TriMetrix DNA Report .

Business Coaching

Business Coaching helps owners of businesses, managers or employees sharpen the skills required to get results, wether its in marketing, management, team building or accounting.  Your Coach will make you focus on what you need to succeed and will make you work!  

Coaching is also a powerful tool for aligning individual performance with a company's strategic plan, by targeting the gap between how an employee performs now and their potential for superior performance.  Participants report experiencing a chain of impact in which improved decision making, ability to delegate, management expertise, self-management and other aspects of performance impacts their teams, peers and direct reports, causing favorable business outcomes.  

An ongoing dialogue between the employee and the coach is at the heart of coaching.  To ensure success, a framework is agreed upon, which acts as a roadmap, assuring that the owner or employee and his or her manager, and the coach are united at key touch points along the way.  This framework serves to clarify everyone's understanding of the specific areas where the individual needs to grow in order to meet his or her goals.  They also set shared expectations of the scope of the coaching relationship, the individual's actions and how success will be measured; it is therefore possible to measure the progress of the coaching process.

This framework often requires a job benchmark, a comprehensive assessment of the person's behaviors, motivators and skills, and the desired performance goals.

For more informationTTI Performance DNA Promo Sheet or Job Benchmarking Promo Sheet

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