About Us

Ayni Conceptions is owned and operated by Sylvie Francoeur.  Ms. Francoeur has over 20 years experience in management of not-for-profit organizations.  She has also worked for the federal government and the private sector.  She has a Masters in Public Administration and a certificate in Community Development.  

Ms. Francoeur has lived in every region in Canada, and has travelled extensively across the country and abroad.  

Ms. Francoeur is recognized for getting things done right the first time around and for taking care of her team. She believes in...

  • the power of Love
  • the power of trust
  • the power of people

Ms. Francoeur is a Value-Added Associate of TTI Success Insights,  and Ayni Conceptions is a member of CDETNO and the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. We are also registered with the Business Inceptive Policy of the Government of the NWT.



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